The Day Jesus

One morning I was dreaming when Jesus approached me in my rest for me to contact Jonathon Edwards, the American medium. I asked Jesus in my rest, how to do that and Jesus revealed to me just to say his name.

I said his name and he came on the web and the Lord at that point guided me to instruct him to abandon his life of wrongdoing and to quit going about as a medium. After I conveyed this message I got up and I was wide conscious, an express that typically takes a couple of hours of a couple of solid espressos Request Prophetic Word

I asked Jesus, “Did that truly occur?”

“Truly it did Matthew,” The Lord answered.

“Presently I need you to approach me for something, Jesus said. “You never approach me for anything and now I need you to request something.”

I felt like Solomon being requested a supplication demand that the Lord was going to reply.

I had a cautious idea for some time. I thought of the prediction in Joel where it said children and little girls will prediction and men will see dreams and dreams and I asked the Lord Jesus would I be able to encounter prophetic dreams and might I be able to encounter dreams.

All things considered, let me state initially that not every person is ever approached by Jesus for a supplication demand, however that early daytime seeing that I was asked I made a point not to squander it. I accept with my entire existence that the refrain that is in Joel and cited in Acts was placed in my psyche by the Holy Spirit. I accept the Lord Jesus asked me what I needed and afterward the Holy Spirit provided me some insight what to request.

Since that day in around 2002 I have been blessed to have five dreams where I was shipped in my brain to paradise and experienced perspectives and got individuals together there. I was still on the earth in my body, however in my brain an image played of paradise and I had the option to address and connect with Jesus and others up there. Every one of the encounters was essential for me.

I have experienced heavenly attendants on earth in these previous years. In spite of the fact that a previous companion doesn’t trust it, I have experienced both Michael the lead celestial host and Gabriel on earth. My previous companion says that such significant heavenly attendants would not visit me and it appears to have merit what he says, spare that Jesus himself have visited me on numerous events and I feel Jesus is more significant in the Kingdom of God then Michael.

Some might want to leave behind me here and state I am talking blasphemy and that Jesus Christ doesn’t come to earth yet sits at the correct hand side of the Father and doesn’t leave his seat to come and appear to men.

Individuals may likewise be keen on the way that one time I inquired as to whether he could carry with him guests from paradise. From that time on Jesus delivered individuals once again from the Bible to the earth to me in dreams. At once, my previous companion who has now chosen to remove himself from me saw around fifteen of these individuals from paradise and for longer than an hour carried their words to me as I addressed them.

I likewise have had various dreams that talk about my future or a future I expectation will occur. Multiple times I have imagined that my previous spouse had returned to me and I was meeting my child once more. I decide to accept that these fantasies are a response to that supplication that morning, as they are the main dreams I have had of things to come Request Prophetic Word

I urge you to go to the Lord and request dreams and dreams and maybe the Lord Jesus will regard you moreover.

I may include for the incredulous that Peter and John saw the dead Moses and Elijah on the mount with Jesus. It is conceivable. John even experienced a prophet/blessed messenger as a guide through the book of Revelation. In Revelation 22 the blessed messenger says that his a prophet.

Ask and see what the Lord can accomplish for you.

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