What did Kimberly Jennings do? Sedgefield Garden Apartments’ property manager

A disturbing incident occurred on August 3 at Sedgefield Gardens Apartments in Greensboro, North Carolina, when property manager Kimberly Jennings assaulted two young African American children. The incident was captured on a viral video, which has sparked outrage and calls for justice.

The video shows Jennings throwing a soda at one of the children and then physically assaulting him with a bottle. The children, Jace Eury, aged 11, and his sister Jayla, were playing at the apartment complex pool when Jennings struck Jayla, prompting Jace to intervene.

According to Jace, Jennings then instructed the kids to leave and proceeded to pull Jayla’s hair and splash her with water even before the video started.

In response, Jace retaliated by throwing a bottle at Jennings. The video reveals that Jennings spilled her drink on him and struck him with the bottle, punching him in the chest and face.

What did Kimberly Jennings do?

The Greensboro Police Department responded to the scene and arrested Jennings on charges of assault on a child under 12. She was released on bond the following day.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, with many people calling for Jennings to be fired from her job and for her to face more serious charges. The family of the victim, Jae Eury, has also demanded justice and has said that they are considering filing a civil lawsuit against Jennings.

What did Kimberly Jennings do? Sedgefield Garden Apartments’ property manager

The incident has also raised larger questions about racism and violence in America. Many people have pointed out that the incident would likely have been handled differently if the children were not African American.

The Greensboro incident is not an isolated case. Similar incidents of assault and racism have come to light in recent times. For example, a video from Lakewood, Colorado, went viral, capturing a lady yelling at a Latino family at a swimming pool, labeling them as “trash.”

Additionally, Vincius Jr., the Brazilian attacker in Real Madrid, faced racist chants and slurs during a match against Valencia FC in Spain’s La Liga.