Lil Cam 5th Ward: Cause Of Death & Obituary

By | October 28, 2023
Lil Cam 5th Ward

Lil Cam 5th Ward: Cause Of Death & Obituary. Cam is only famous because he was one of the suspected killers of American rapper Takeoff, the Migos rapper. Lil Cam passed away a few days after the Migos rapper Takeoff was shot and killed in a Houston bowling Alley.

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Lil Cam 5th Ward: Cause Of Death & Obituary

Joshua Isaiah Cameron was known as Lil Cam. He allegedly died after a shooting incident in Houston.  The suspected killer of Takeoff Lil Cam was from a small in South Carolina. Sources claimed passed away a few days after the rapper was confirmed dead.


Lil Cam became suspect when he was spotted in a viral video with Takeoff. In the video, that went viral, Lil Cam was seen around Takeoff a few minutes before he was killed in a Bowling Alley in Houston. He wore a yellow hoodie and was standing right beside Takeoff. However, the police have yet to release a report to that effect.

Who Was Lil Cam 5th Ward?

Lil Cam who was known as Joshua Cameron was a 16-year-old member of Mob Ties Records. After the death of Takeoff, there was a report that Lil Cam was arrested and was in police custody.

Per the report, he was in possession of a Gun. Sources said he was sent to the Harris County Jail on November 22.  He belonged to the Mob Ties which is owned by CEO J Prince Jr. The CEO was also linked to the death of Takeoff.


What happened to Lil Cam?

One of the suspected murders of rapper Takeoff Lil Cam was arrested and taken to police custody in Houston after Takeoff died. He was charged with felony and unlawful carrying of a Gun. Other unconfirmed reports also claimed he was shot dead a few weeks after Takeoff passed away.

Where is Lil Cam the rapper from?

16-year-old rapper and suspected murderer of Takeoff Lil Cam is from a small village in upstate South Carolina. He grew up in the strength of Pendleton.

What is Lil Cam’s real name?

Lil Cam’s real name is Joshua Cameron.


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