Brendan Fraser Wife, Meet Afton Smith

By | July 30, 2023

In this article, we dive into the life of Brendan Fraser’s former wife, Afton Smith. Their love story began in the early 90s, leading to a marriage that endured for nine years.

Despite the happy times they shared, their relationship faced challenges, culminating in a difficult divorce. Join us as we explore Afton Smith’s background, her contributions to the film industry, and the events that unfolded during and after her marriage to the renowned actor Brendan Fraser.

Early Life and Meeting Brendan Fraser

Born on December 3, 1967, in Northport, Long Island, New York, Afton Smith grew up with a passion for the arts. Little did she know that destiny would bring her together with Brendan Fraser.


They crossed paths at a memorable barbecue hosted by Winona Ryder in Los Angeles on July 4, 1993. The two stars were drawn to each other, setting the stage for a promising relationship.

On September 27, 1998, Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith tied the knot, promising to stand by each other through thick and thin. During her career in the film industry, Afton authored the book “Hollywood Picks the Classics: A Guide for the Beginner and the Aficionado,” showcasing her passion for classic movies and deep knowledge of the film world.

The Struggles and Divorce

Despite their initial happiness, Brendan and Afton faced challenges in their marriage. In 2007, after nine years together, they announced their decision to part ways. The divorce proceedings were not without controversy, as Brendan sought a reduction in alimony and child support payments, citing financial difficulties. In response, Afton accused him of concealing assets, further complicating the process.


Afton Smith’s Acting Career

Apart from her personal life, Afton Smith has made notable contributions to the film industry. She starred in several movies, showcasing her acting prowess. Some of her memorable roles include appearances in “George of the Jungle” (1997), “Reality Bites” (1994), and “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe” (1991).

Life After Divorce

Following the divorce, both Brendan and Afton navigated their separate paths. Brendan Fraser faced personal challenges that impacted his career and well-being, including allegations of sexual assault and health issues. Afton Smith continued her involvement in the film world while balancing her personal life.

Afton Smith’s journey, intertwined with Brendan Fraser’s life, is a tale of love, ambition, and resilience. Though their marriage came to an end, the memories they created together remain part of their respective stories. Afton’s dedication to the film industry and Brendan’s notable acting career continue to be recognized and appreciated by their fans and peers alike.


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