Craig Deleeuw Robertson wives & children

By | August 10, 2023

In a shocking turn of events, Craig Deleeuw Robertson, a Utah man, was shot dead by FBI agents on a Wednesday morning. This incident followed online assassination threats aimed at President Biden and other prominent Democrats. A staunch supporter of Donald Trump, Robertson was not only a political enthusiast but also an Air Force veteran and a vocal advocate for the Second Amendment.

Who is Craig Deleeuw Robertson?

Craig Deleeuw Robertson’s life was marked by various roles and experiences. Born in Utah, he grew up to become an individual who left an impact on those around him. While his controversial actions in his later years have garnered significant attention, it’s important to understand the full scope of his life.

Craig Deleeuw Robertson’s political allegiance was clear – he was a devoted supporter of Donald Trump. His online threats targeting President Biden and other top Democrats underscored his deeply held beliefs. His support for Trump was unwavering, and he used digital platforms to express his political views, ultimately leading to his tragic end.


Robertson’s commitment to his country was evident in his service as an Air Force veteran. The dedication he showed during his time in the military highlighted his sense of duty and honor. This period of his life likely shaped his values and perspectives, influencing his later actions and beliefs.

Advocating for the Second Amendment, Robertson believed strongly in the right to bear arms. His public stances on this issue were indicative of his passion for individual freedoms and the principles he held dear. This aspect of his identity played a significant role in shaping his interactions with others and his online presence.

Craig Deleeuw Robertson’s wives & children

Beyond the headlines, Craig Deleeuw Robertson had personal connections and family members who knew him in different capacities. His relationships shed light on various aspects of his life.


His First Marriage to Carol Ann Robertson

Carol Ann Robertson was the first wife of Craig Deleeuw Robertson. Born in Pocatello, Idaho, Carol led an accomplished life of her own. She excelled in academics, participating in various clubs and societies during her school years. Carol and Craig met during their time at Brigham Young University, eventually marrying in the Salt Lake Temple. Their union resulted in three children before they divorced in 1986. Carol’s impact extended to her career as an educator, where she spent 30 years teaching in the Tooele County School District. Her dedication to teaching and innovation left a lasting impression on countless students.

His Second Marriage to Jackie Christensen Robertson

Jackie Christensen Robertson was Craig Deleeuw Robertson’s second wife. A nature enthusiast who loved fishing and reading, Jackie’s greatest joy was found in the company of her Shih Tzu dogs, Livvy and Moxie. She shared her life with Craig from 1988 until her passing in 2008. Their time together was marked by shared experiences and deep companionship.

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