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𝐈'𝐌 πƒπŽππ„ πŸ’”

So this is the end.
I could have at least covered my pain for you to stay,
But there's really nothing left for me to say.

The breakup has been so emotional the distance hmmm! very long,
But one thing I know for sure is that "this has made me strong".

I guess naturally we joyfully watered our plants of doubts which grew apart,
Yet am still hurt in my heart.

For days and years we went without speaking neither sending each other a text,
Which was unusual at first.
Now that our love needs something to quench its thirst,
I wonder what was next.

There were times we couldn't even look at each other in the eye.
Then I ask myself, How did we get this far?
and why did something so dear have to die?

In the process of me scribbling this, 
memories flooded me and NGO's keep dirtying the entrance of my heart.
I need them but their presence reminds me of how we used to be.

Even when things went so bad, never did I  think this relationship would end.
Our broken love and hearts I thought we could mend.

Now you've left me without even saying goodbye.
My emotions keep asking my fragile heart why I limited my cry.

I'm done! Yes! I'm done.
Yet my name isn't Dan.
I knew it was over when things started dancing to their own rhythm.
You distant yourself and I was alone watching you like beam.

I tried my best to make you notice I was still there,
But your mind was made up and you didn't care.

Cried several nights trying to package you out of my mind.
I guess this is the happiness you wanted to find?

All I feel now is pain
Cos there's nothing to gain
But each day, I try to put on a smile.
Even if it's not a real I need it for a while.

For many years we were together, so you really  wanted me to shed tears?
You truly never cared.

I know I have to let go,
And someday I will,
But mixed feelings are what I feel now.
Cos my emotions have committed suicide.

Yes! We are enjoying our fair share of the cake of mistakes.
And I'm stuttered by every piece my heart takes.

I'm done!
Wishing you nothing but the best
As my strength and endurance is now put to test.
I'm done! I'm sorry.....

 Β©~Brown SketchysπŸ–‹οΈ

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