Is the Ritz Carlton in Maui Affected by the Wildfires?

By | August 11, 2023

The recent wildfires in Hawaii have caused widespread destruction, but the Ritz Carlton in Maui has not been directly affected.

The hotel is running on generator power due to local power disruptions, but there is no threat from the fires themselves. However, the hotel is facing challenges with fuel and food supplies, as the usual commuting route has been compromised by the flames.

For the relatives and friends of those staying at the Ritz Carlton, concerns have surged as communication lines have faltered. With phone services cut off, loved ones have relied solely on updates from authorities and official sources via press releases and social media platforms.


The lack of direct communication channels has heightened worries about the safety and well-being of their cherished ones amidst the ongoing crisis.

Lahaina, a once-vibrant town in West Maui, has experienced some of the most severe losses due to the wildfires. The devastating flames left the town in ruins, transforming historical landmarks into ashes. Heart-wrenching images and videos have circulated on social media, capturing the extent of the damage. The aftermath has been described as “apocalyptic,” underscoring the scale of destruction that unfolded.

The wildfires didn’t discriminate, impacting both residents and local businesses. Numerous tourist attractions within Lahaina fell victim to the disaster, including the iconic banyan tree and establishments that were beloved by both residents and visitors. Notably, musician Mike Fleetwood’s renowned restaurant and bar on Front Street fell victim to the relentless flames.


Is the Ritz Carlton in Maui on fire?

Amidst the turmoil, there is a glimmer of hope for some areas. Travel advisor Jim Bendt offered insights, indicating that major resort areas such as Ka’anapali, Kapalua, and Wailea were not directly affected by the fires. This news provides a ray of optimism, suggesting that not all of Maui’s treasured destinations have been compromised by the ongoing catastrophe.

Hawaii’s Governor, Josh Green, expressed deep concern about the potential casualties caused by the wildfires. Comparing the situation to the tragic 1960 tsunami that claimed numerous lives, Green acknowledged that the death toll from the wildfires might surpass that historical disaster.

As of now, the official count stands at 53 casualties, and fears persist that this number could rise significantly.


The path to recovery will undoubtedly be challenging for Lahaina and the affected regions. Governor Green has appealed to local hotels to offer temporary shelters for Lahaina’s residents as they navigate the aftermath of this devastating event.

As the town works towards rebuilding what was lost, the spirit of resilience and community support will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the healing process.

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