Is the viral ankle monitor for kids real?

By | August 3, 2023

A viral video showcasing an ankle monitor named “My First Ankle Monitor” designed for tracking children has created confusion on social media.

However, the entire video is a hoax, and the ankle monitor does not exist. The parody video, posted on TikTok by user @legbootlegit, humorously presents the device, which is not real and intended as satire. Let’s take a closer look at the facts behind the viral video.

The video, initially posted on TikTok, quickly gained popularity with over 21 million views. Twitter user @Bornakang’s repost also garnered significant attention, with 14.2 million views. The satirical video features a colorful toy-like product named “My First Ankle Monitor,” which is purportedly sold at Walmart.


Despite the initial believability, the video takes a bizarre turn. The narrator describes the device as a “godsend” for parents struggling to keep their children in their rooms.

The product allegedly includes an app to set “time out zones” and “no-go zones” for the child’s movements, sending notifications to parents’ phones when the child leaves the designated areas.

Several indicators in the video point to its satirical nature. The narrator uses deadpan humor while describing the device’s “electrical impulse training tool,” suggesting it as a solution for children leaving their rooms.


Additionally, the product’s name, “My First Ankle Monitor,” is a clear parody, and the box features playful phrases like “little yikes” and “Prepare your mini-me for its future house arrests.”

The user behind the video, @legbootlegit, is known for creating parody product videos, such as the viral McDonald’s Charcoal Denim Burger and Snoop Dogg’s Uncured Glizzles My Nizzles.

Some of these products gained popularity and became available for sale or bidding, like the recent Bugkiss, a device allowing users to “kiss” bugs.


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