Jose Paulino Gomes, World’s Oldest Man, Dies at 127″

By | August 3, 2023

In a sad event, the world’s oldest man, Jose Paulino Gomes, a 127-year-old Brazilian, has passed away.

Jose Paulino Gomes cause of death

He died in Pedra Bonita, Minas Gerais, a week before his 128th birthday due to organ failure attributed to his advanced age. Gomes was born on August 4, 1895, surviving through two world wars and three global pandemics.

While Gomes’ family claims his authenticity as the oldest man, there have been doubts raised about his age, with concerns about the accuracy of local documents. His family is curious to verify his age and seeks confirmation from the registry office. Guinness World Records recognizes Spain’s Maria Branyas Morera, aged 116, as the oldest living person.


He leaves behind a legacy with seven children, twenty-five grandchildren, forty-two great-grandchildren, and eleven great-great-grandchildren. His burial took place at the Corrego dos Fialhos Cemetery in Pedra Bonita.

As for Guinness World Records’ investigation into his credentials, it remains to be seen if they will take any action in light of the doubts surrounding his age.”

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