Meet George Bone, Las Vegas Man Living With Dead Girlfriend

By | July 29, 2023

In a chilling and disturbing incident that shocked Las Vegas residents, George Bone, a 31-year-old man, was arrested and charged with the murder of Beverly Ma, his roommate’s girlfriend.

Police made a gruesome discovery when they found Beverly Ma’s lifeless body in Bone’s closet, her neck encircled by a belt. As the investigation unfolded, Bone’s bizarre and eerie explanation of why he kept the body at home came to light.

Beverly Ma’s body had been concealed in the closet for approximately two months before it was found by the authorities.


Who is George Bone?

Bone, a convicted sex offender, admitted to this gruesome crime but offered an unusual rationale for his actions. He revealed that he believed she might come back to life, similar to a scene from the horror movie “The Grudge.”

One might wonder why Bone kept the body hidden for so long. It was revealed that Bone was afraid of returning to jail, and as a result, he decided to keep the air conditioning in the house at a chilling 60 degrees to deter flies from gathering around the corpse.

However, Bone disclosed that he strategically placed a cooler near the closet door. His intention was to use it as an alarm system of sorts, alerting him if Beverly Ma were to “rise from the dead” and attempt to escape. This bizarre strategy was directly inspired by the supernatural elements depicted in “The Grudge” movie.


Ma’s family members grew suspicious when they received an alarming number of missed incoming calls, a series of red flags that something was amiss.

When they attempted to reach her, Bone nonchalantly brushed his teeth while talking to the worried family. Shockingly, he didn’t call 911, fearing arrest due to his race, as he claimed. Ultimately, the family member contacted the authorities, leading to the discovery of Ma’s body.

Bone tried to pass off Ma’s death as a suicide, leading the family members to the master bedroom where the closet held the grim evidence.


However, the family member disconnected the 911 call, and the police were dispatched to investigate further.

Investigators quickly found inconsistencies in Bone’s account, prompting him to declare that he needed legal representation.

During Bone’s first court appearance on July 27, the judge denied him bond. He is scheduled to appear in court again on August 1, where he will face the consequences of his actions


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