What Shoe Company Came Out With A Skate Video Named Purple?

By | August 12, 2023

n 2013, New Balance, a well-respected sports brand, made a groundbreaking move into the world of skateboarding. The company introduced the Numeric series, a shoe line specially designed for skateboarders, coupled with a captivating skate video named “Purple.”

This step marked a significant turning point where a reputable sports brand took its first strides into the skateboarding community.

New Balance’s Collaboration with the Skateboarding Subculture


The inclusion of skateboarding as part of the New Balance brand symbolized a fusion of two legacies. It showcased the company’s heritage of producing top-quality athletes’ gear with skateboarding’s authenticity, where personal expression and individuality are paramount.

New Balance’s long-standing tradition of excellence in crafting athletic shoes dovetailed with the skateboarding community’s approach to footwear. The Numeric series was uniquely engineered, balancing skateboarding functionality with personal identity expression.

Elevating Skate Shoe Design with Innovation


As a newcomer in the skateboarding market, New Balance Numeric raised the bar in skate shoe design through innovative strategies. The company addressed critical issues, such as durability and protection, which were prerequisites in the sport.

This approach set a new standard, enabling skateboarders to push their boundaries on the board confidently. The result was a new breed of skate shoes, designed to meet the rigorous demands of the skateboarding sport.

Collaboration and Authenticity in New Balance’s Approach


New Balance Numeric’s innovative approach to skate shoe design led to collaborations with renowned skateboarders and creatives. This approach enabled the company to enrich its product offerings while keeping the credibility and authenticity of the skateboarding community intact.

It was an opportunity for the skateboarders and the creatives to infuse their authentic voice and ideas in the Numeric series, adding depth and a unique touch to the shoes.

Exploring Skate Video Named Purple


The “Purple” skate video was a game-changer and is still a landmark moment in skateboarding history. As a promotional tool, it went beyond its role and entered the realm of art.

The video showcased not just the Numeric series but also encapsulated the very essence of skateboarding culture in creativity and engagement. The visual narrative effortlessly combined New Balance’s brand values with the vibrant essence of skateboarding.

It painted a dynamic portrait of skateboarding as a dance of individuality and innovation. Furthermore, the “Purple” video celebrated skateboarding as an unapologetic expression of authenticity. It pushed boundaries and transformed urban spaces into havens of imagination and self-expression.


What Made the Video Captivating?

What made the video captivating was its ability to resonate with both skateboarders and enthusiasts. It wasn’t just about the impressive stunts; it authentically portrayed a community thriving on creativity, camaraderie, and self-expression.

New Balance’s commitment to honoring and elevating the skateboarding experience was evident in the seamless integration of their skate shoe line, Numeric, throughout the video.


The video showcased New Balance’s collaboration with skateboarders and creatives, leading to a deeper appreciation of skateboarding as an art form, a lifestyle, and a vibrant community.

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