Where is Ana Walshe? Her Disappearance, Husband & Investigation

By | August 23, 2023

Ana Walshe, a successful real estate executive, vanished without a trace after a New Year’s Eve outing with friends.

Her husband, Brian Walshe, initially claimed that she had traveled to Washington, D.C. for work, but a series of events led to his arrest and subsequent serious charges.

Who is Ana Walshe?

Ana was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and moved to the United States in 2005. She quickly established herself as a rising star in the real estate industry, eventually becoming a regional general manager at Tishman Speyer, a major real estate company.


She was well-respected by her colleagues and clients, and was known for her dedication to her work.

Ana was last seen on January 1, 2023, after celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends. Her husband, Brian, reported her missing four days later, claiming that she had left for a work-related trip.

However, investigators quickly found inconsistencies in his story. Ana’s flight departure had not been confirmed, and her credit cards had not been used since January 1.


As the investigation into Ana’s disappearance intensified, Brian’s credibility came under scrutiny. He was arrested on January 8 on charges of misleading the police.

In the weeks that followed, he was hit with even more serious charges, including murder and improper disposal of a body. Prosecutors allege that he fatally attacked Ana, dismembered her body, and concealed her remains.

The case of Ana Walshe has shocked and horrified people in both the United States and Serbia. Ana was a successful and well-liked woman, and her disappearance and alleged murder is a tragedy. Her husband, Brian, is now facing life in prison if convicted.


The investigation into Ana Walshe’s disappearance is ongoing. Authorities are still searching for her body, and they are also trying to determine a motive for her murder. This is a complex and disturbing case, and it is likely to be headline news for some time to come.

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