Who is Bobby Price? Local pastor accused of sex crimes against children

By | August 5, 2023

Bobby Price, a local pastor, is facing new charges for sexually abusing several young boys during his time as a youth pastor. These charges follow a previous conviction in 2014 for similar crimes.

Police arrested Bobby Price at his home in the early hours of Friday morning for the abuse he committed in the early 2000s. The arrest sent shockwaves through Camino Church, where Bobby’s brother, Rusty Price, holds the position of lead pastor.

In response to concerns about Bobby Price’s hiring despite his history, the church held a news conference. Rusty Price, defending the decision, stated that the church believes in second chances and that they had protocols in place to prevent Bobby from working with children. Bobby Price had previously pleaded guilty to child sex abuse charges during his tenure as a pastor at Kingsway Church in Concord.


Dr. Charles Kats, a criminologist, raised a cautionary note about the dangers of appointing registered sex offenders as pastors. He emphasized that such individuals could exploit the trust and faith of young people, similar to teachers or doctors caring for them.

Despite their family’s challenging journey, Rusty Price expressed his love and support for his brother Bobby. He firmly believed that Bobby had not re-offended and that there were no victims in his current role as an associate pastor at Camino Church.

Under typical circumstances, registered sex offenders must stay at least 300 feet away from children. However, there are exceptions in the law that allow them to work as pastors, based on the right to practice religion for all individuals.


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