Who is William Lowe? Florida Man, 78, Accused of Gruesome Murder of His Wife

By | August 4, 2023

A 78-year-old Florida man has been arrested for the alleged murder of his 80-year-old wife. William Lowe Jr. is accused of shooting his wife, Aydil Barbosa Fontes, and then dismembering her body with a chainsaw. He allegedly placed her remains in five bags and disposed of them in the ocean.

The police started their investigation after receiving a call from a bystander who found a suitcase containing a human foot sticking out through the zipper. The suitcase held Barbosa Fontes’ legs and rocks. The police discovered two more suitcases, one with her torso and pelvis, along with rocks and barnacles. These bags were found just 0.1 miles away from Lowe and Barbosa Fontes’ shared home.

Investigators used surveillance videos to track Lowe’s suspicious activities near the crime scenes. Witnesses reported seeing him frequently visit the areas where the bags were discovered. Some witnesses even claimed he stalked the police as they investigated the crime scene.


When the police searched Lowe’s condo, they found drag marks and large amounts of blood in various rooms. Cleaning supplies with blood spatters were also discovered. Lowe allegedly attempted to sneak into his condo through a window while the police were there and claimed he needed to retrieve his wallet and keys. A 9mm gun was later found on the desk. Trace amounts of blood were also found in the condo above Lowe’s, which belonged to his sister.

An upstairs neighbor reported finding a trail of “soup” leading to Lowe’s sister’s apartment, which was cleaned by the property manager. Lowe left flowers in front of the neighbor’s door before and after the alleged murder. Police found a chainsaw with potential evidence in a nearby storage unit owned by Lowe.

The police have not revealed the motive for the brutal killing, but they believe Lowe is responsible. He has neither admitted nor denied the crime. Lowe pleaded not guilty and is currently held without bond in Palm Beach County Jail. The exact date of Barbosa Fontes’ death remains unknown to the investigators.


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